Spectacular Sri Lanka

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“The Copper-coloured land was called “Thambapanni” in the ancient sanskritic language”

“The too mouthful word later on became “Taprobane to Romans and to Greeks”

“To the Arab world it was “Serendib” ”

Through all it’s journey to the Sinhalese it was “Lanka”. In 1972 it was officially changed to “Sri Lanka”.

The shape of Sri Lanka has evoked visions of a teardrop, a pear, a pearl in the Indian Ocean. Some evidence of geology shows that Sri Lanka was indeed once under the sea, before it trust itself skywards to become a “land of Delights” Crowned with a proud and a glorious past of a hydraulic civilization, the well reserved ruins still reflects splendid architectural specimens of the many ancient buildings, reservoirs and parks with beauty and history.

With a wealth of wide open beaches with its glistening waters offering ample sport to explore and indulge oneself to an unforgettable testimony. The velvety hills, meadows and tea estates will beckon you with its soft and enchanting wind. Roam in streets of legends and bygone era of an exotic past.

If its captivating green paddy fields or rustic dense forest or a habitat for elephants and wild life or a culture perfumed with the purest Buddhism, the Island of exquisitely varying biodiversity and heritage offers more than you can absorb in one visit. The vibrantly alive lush landscape will leave you enthralled and take your breath away.

“Come – discover the deeply rooted colourful traditions which will take you on an ideal retreat beyond paradise”